The Team That Runs Together...

    Earlier this year 21 ShoreTel Sky employees in the Rochester, NY office joined 11,000 participants representing 460 companies to take on the 3.5 mile, J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge around the RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) campus.  It was the 23rd annual JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, and the first time the Championship race was hosted in Rochester, with more than 160 runners from seven countries taking part. Initial forecasts showed chance of thunderstorms, but there were minimal dark clouds at the start of the race, and the sky didn’t open up with the torrential downpour until after the race was over. All 21 participating ShoreTel employees avoided being washed away and successfully completed the race with varying times.  The leading male participant was Kevin Conroy (25:59) and the leading female participant was Pilar Candia (37:38). Congratulations go to all who participated!!!

    Team morale and camaraderie were high and I was impressed at how many ShoreTel folks participated, and there were many more that wanted to but had other commitments at the time of the race….maybe next year?

    I was so impressed by the teamwork that showcased itself throughout the pre-planning, actual event, and post event activities. I somehow landed myself in the captain’s seat, and while it’s not particularly part of your specific job description, it can be a bit stressful dealing with this type of added-on responsibility.  However, the support from all the team made it totally worth it.  People stepped up to lend a pop-up tent, to help volunteer to watch the bags at the tent while we raced, and even to help receive the BBQ catering we ordered.  Even our t-shirt vendor was essential in helping get this event pulled together with some uniformity.  Andi Vopalensky Morales with was a great help in coming up with a design and nailing down a nice athletic style t-shirt for our racers to wear proudly and represent our ShoreTel orange.  (It was a great help to see our racers in the crowd too.)

    It makes me proud to be a part of such a strong group of people, and reaffirms the sentiment I have for the company I work for.  There are few companies that do such a great job of focusing on both profitability and the internal working culture of the company and it’s people, but I feel ShoreTel is tops in this area. (Check out our Battle of the Bands website if you want to know how far we are wiling to take our culture and learning programs.)

    Not only did we as a group take a lot from doing an event like this but the true beneficiary of the race was the YMCA of Greater Rochester.  Check out these video highlights of this year’s J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge at RIT.

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