Technologies that rock my world

    I'm a manager and I'm always on the go. Sometimes I can't be bothered to write an email or place a call, I just want to be able communicate easily and effortlessly. I'm NOT lazy as some people may have you believe, I'm merely focused on efficiency.

    When I am on the go, either working remotely or rushing from meeting to meeting, I use a nifty little feature called M5 Scribe. Basically what it does is transcribes voicemails and send them as emails to the contact of your choosing. So get this: I dictate a message en masse, send it to a distribution group and every member of my team gets the message delivered to their designated work email address in seconds. This eliminates the hassle for me, and keeps communication flowing for my group.

    Approximately 700 clients are using this service currently, and that number is constantly growing. It is so easy that I can use it!

    Shameless plug I know, but I genuinely love this feature and want others to enjoy its benefits.

    PS. I dictated this blog! Who is impressed?

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