Telecommuting Awareness!

    Today I am “working” from home. Not by choice really. The weather kept my nanny from getting to work. My two year old doesn’t really get the concept of working from home. She thinks I am here to serve her cheese sticks and to fast forward though the commercials of our DVR’d episodes of the Bubble Guppies. (There have been only like 6 episodes so far and we’ve seen them all at least 5 times. I hate those big-headed little mermaids and their happy songs about building stuff and colors…) My daughter doesn’t get that I have 500 emails to answer, a president’s club trip to reschedule (also because of the ****ing weather), and a blog to write.

    However, when the nanny manages to make it to here, working from home is a dream. I lock myself in a quiet room and gain two hours of productivity as I don’t have to spend time commuting. I spend my day using cloud apps that don’t care where I am. Like my M5 phone, that rings wherever I am. As far as my callers know, I am at the office.  Not sure they really care. As long as they can reach me (except at lunch time when I share a cheese stick or two with my daughter).

    So I am glad to hear that there are efforts to raise awareness about telecommuting. The week of February 14th is Telecommuting Week. Everyone knows there are countless studies saying that telecommuters are more productive, but, based on the latest American Community Survey data, just over 2% of the U.S. employee workforce (2.8 million people, not including the self employed or unpaid volunteers) considers home their primary place of work. (Kate Lister, Telework Research Network).

    I think everyone should give it a try. Employers let your employees work from home! Unless they have a two year old. Then just give them a nice quiet desk and as much aspirin, caffeine, and encouragement as possible.