Texas Hold ‘em Tournament for the National Down Syndrome Society

    Event details

    Texas Hold ‘em Tournament for the National Down Syndrome Society
    Thu Apr 28 5:30pm – 8:30pm (EDT)
    245 W 17th Street, 9th Floor

    To reserve a seat or donate an item for auction, contact Chad Gagnon at cgagnon@shoretel.com or 646-230-5000 x5696.

    Seats are limited.

    Ask any employee at M5 Networks to describe the work culture, and you’ll more than likely hear the descriptions “unique” and “family” come up more than once. We are a diverse group, but a close one.

    Our core values are not much different than what most of us learned growing up from parents, teachers, and other mentors in our lives. At M5, we strive to:

    • Take responsibility

    • Actively help

    • Be honest

    • Learn

    • Become an Expert

    Upholding our T.A.B.L.E. core values is a big deal for M5-ers, and participating in humanitarian efforts is one way that we honor them.

    Charity Deathmatch is M5 Networks’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to encourage charity work. Each year, employees, including senior staff, compete for the best organized charity event. The winning team gets a matching donation on the amount they raised.*

    This month’s charity event is a Texas Hold ‘em tournament and auction for the National Down Syndrome Society.  Some of our clients have already donated items for the auction, and all proceeds from the auction, as well as 50% of the winnings, will go to the NDSS.

    If you are an M5 customer and would like to donate an item to auction or would like to participate in the Texas Hold ‘em tournament, please let us know by emailing the director of this event, Chad Gagnon, at cgagnon@shoretel.com.

    Donations can also be made directly to the NDSS through their website here.

    *Raising money is not a requirement for the event.

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