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Life through a video screen used to belong to the same category as flying cars and jetpacks: cool things that belonged to a distant future. While most of us are still waiting for new ways to take to the sky, the pandemic has made living and working on screens a necessity.

Remote work is no longer the future of work; it's the now of work. And it's not quite as we imagined. Connecting and collaborating with coworkers can be a challenge. Data security is an ongoing concern, too. We've all had our share of setbacks and lessons learned—and, thankfully, we have found new opportunities, new ways to work together, and we've seen the upside of remote work, too. Regardless of what the future holds, it's clear that hybrid and remote workers are here to stay. It's up to business leaders to keep their employees engaged, productive, and safe, no matter where they're working.

For insights on building solutions and processes for remote and hybrid work that scale into the future, we spoke to top analysts and practitioners. Based on their incredible contributions, we've developed a guide for business leaders. Here's what you can expect from The Future Now of Work: Supporting a Thriving Business in Tumultuous Times:

Gain Insights on Flexibility and Growth for the Now of Work

Work will never be the same. And, although we've made great strides in adapting to this new remote-first culture, there are things we can do to truly own it and thrive. In the first section of the guide, experts share ways to embrace the now of work and develop strategies that will serve you well into the future. You'll hear from the following experts:

Learn How to Cultivate Collaboration and Connection for Remote Workers

Forging and maintaining strong relationships can be a challenge for remote workers. Employees need both the right tools and guidance to develop virtual practices and behaviors to replace the camaraderie found in shared office spaces. In the second section of the guide, you'll find insight from these top minds:

Discover Methods to Improve the Security and Compliance of Remote Work

Remote and hybrid work requires additional care for protecting the security and privacy of data. The stakes are even higher in regulated industries such as healthcare, government and financial services. In the final section of the guide, you'll hear from:

Now is the Time: View the eBook for More on the Future Now of Work

Creating a flexible, collaborative, and secure remote work environment is essential for the now of work. Companies must adopt strategies and systems that support the current reality while allowing them to be agile to future needs.

Embrace the now and plan for the future. Read the eBook: The Future Now of Work: Supporting a Thriving Business in Tumultuous Times >

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