I am very excited to provide an update on the progress we made during the first full year of our Customer Experience (CE) program.

We launched our revised survey program last year leveraging Net Promoter Score (NPS) as our primary metric. During the last 12 months, we gained valuable feedback on how ShoreTel and our resellers are performing, and utilized this data to create targeted programs that helped increase our NPS

We closed the 2nd half of FY12 with a ShoreTel NPS of 62 and Reseller NPS of 64 – meaning our customers are very loyal to both ShoreTel and their resellers. This is well above the Industry World Class threshold of 50.

What we did - 

  • Swept entire customer base, received over 2,600 survey responses.
  • Increased response rates to over 20%.
  • Launched surveys in 14 languages.
  • Created “Closed Loop” process, with functional ownership, driving the development of “improvement” programs and providing insight into customer segments that are less satisfied.
  • Identified NPS “best practices.”

What we learned –

  • Highest scoring customers are on Partner Support with an NPS of 65.
  • SBE (Small Business Edition) customers may be small but they are mighty happy with an NPS of 60.
  • Voice of the Customer comments shifted from negative to positive after the ShoreTel 12 release due to two feature enhancements: Communicator for Mac and full integration into Outlook 2010.
  • “New” customers that receive a complete Network Assessment prior to implementation are twice as satisfied as customers who do not.

Additionally, as integration of the ShoreTel Cloud Division continues, we will merge the two programs at the appropriate levels. The Cloud Division is very passionate about creating a great customer experience and has used NPS methodology for over 5 years. We will work to unify the two programs creating a single focused corporate program taking best practices from each organization.


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