ShoreTel is moving forward on its promise of advancing innovative functionality and low total cost of ownership with the new ShoreTel® VPN Phone and expanded range of devices supported by ShoreWare® Mobile Call Manager, advance unified communications with improved flexibility and security for remote connectivity. ShoreWare Call Manager also opens the door to advanced collaborative applications with industry-leading high resolution video-ideal for bringing together geographically dispersed experts for mission critical activities, such as state-of-the-art telemedicine and design manufacturing.

Voice Switch Solutions

ShoreTel ShoreGear® Voice Switches deliver unified communications to organizations of every size - from large enterprises to small and medium businesses.
Highly reliable and intelligent, these ShoreGear devices unify communications across multiple enterprise locations supporting both IP phones and analog devices.

New Switch Models

ShoreTel 8.1 introduces two new voice switches for use in markets outside of the United States:

ShoreGear E1k
The ShoreGear E1k is a replacement for the ShoreGear E1 switch in the new 1U half-width form factor. It supports a single E1 interface, as well as all other features and capabilities of the ShoreGear E1, yet uses only half the rack space. In addition, the ShoreGear E1k provides an audio input port for music-on-hold, plus
an audio output port for overhead paging.
ShoreGear 30BRI
The ShoreGear 30BRI provides a very low-cost switch for small offices. It is functionally similar to the ShoreGear 90BRI, with telephone and trunk capacity to match the smaller office. Specifically, ShoreGear 30BRI supports up to 30 IP phones,
up to two analog phones, and up to two BRI communication channels (trunks) to the central office.

The ShoreTel VPN Phone

Select models of the ShorePhone™ IP phone family can now be deployed in remote and home offices, providing a full remote IP phone experience. The solution requires a ShoreTel VPN Concentrator which is installed at the headquarter location and terminates the secure VPN tunnel that is established with the remote phones. This provides a seamless network connection to the ShoreGear switches and servers on the LAN.


ShoreTel VPN Phones require a broadband Internet connection and are extremely easy to configure. Most remote users simply connect the phone to their local broadband router to establish service.

Mid-range Gigabit IP Phone

The new ShorePhone IP 230g provides full Gig-E network
connectivity for users who need high speeds at the
desktop. The IP 230g is a cost-effective phone in a
compact form factor—otherwise functionally equivalent
to the very popular IP 230 telephone.

Mobile Call Manager Enhancements

This release of ShoreWare Mobile Call Manager provides organizations with seamless remote access to all the productivity features linked to their extensions. These
enhancements offer increased versatility by supporting one of the most common Nokia business phones - a highly popular consumer-centric model - as well as expanded support to many of the most popular BlackBerry business phones. New mobile phones include:


  • BlackBerry 81xx series (Pearl)

  • BlackBerry 83xx series (Curve)

  • BlackBerry 88xx series

  • Nokia E65

  • Motorola Razr V3

  • Motorola Razr V3xx

Many non-English speaking organizations can also now deploy this great productivity tool in their specific language. The new mobile phone and language options are:


  • English (UK)

  • Danish

  • German

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Italian

  • Dutch

  • Norwegian

  • Swedish


ShoreWare Call Manager: High Resolution Video Option

The new video option in ShoreWare Call manager enables point-to-point high resolution video (up to 1024x768) with minimal latency and high resiliency to
congested networks. By combining a high resolution camera with the recommended hardware, ShoreTel partners can offer customers a software-based video solution
that opens up additional opportunities to develop advanced applications, such as telemedicine or telesales.

SIP Trunk Enhancements

With the introductions of ShoreTel 8.1, the Office Anywhere feature is now fully supported over SIP Trunks. Internet telephony service providers must use the SIP-INFO method to enable dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) digit support.



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