For Those Who Rock, ShoreTel Salutes You

    The beginning of 2015 means more than just business as usual, it means ShoreTel is wrapping up the latest season of our Battle of the Bands program.

    This is the fourth year that ShoreTel has sponsored this program, which provides on-site learning opportunities of a musical instrument for employees. Groups of five to six employees are placed into a rock band consisting of a guitar player, bass player, singer, pianist and drummer. Over the course of the year, employees practice individually and as a band and perform live in front of their colleagues during the holiday season, in an attempt to claim the title of Battle of the Bands winner!

    For the first two months, employees receive onsite music lessons with instructors and practice individually. Then, each band practices together and selects a few songs to perform at the ShoreTel Battle of the Bands holiday parties, which took place in December. The hallways were rich with enchanting sounds as employees evolved into rock stars, or at least capable musicians. The ShoreTel offices in Sunnyvale, Manhattan, Chicago, Austin and Rochester participate in the program and have dedicated rehearsal rooms for employees to practice in.

    Last year a band from the ShoreTel Sunnyvale office took the grand title. This year, new ShoreTel bands will compete for the title at the Austin Battle of the Bands on January 17, 2015! Four bands from the Austin office will battle it out, and then that winner will take on the winners from the other 4 offices. They include NuTrix, who won the western regional battle, banGalore from Rochester, Unsolicited from NYC, and Dnis Envy from Chicago. These bands will take the stage in Austin in an attempt to claim the title of best ShoreTel band. Good luck!

    Rock Stars are now in every office ShoreTel has throughout the U.S. and we have great memories to share as we continue to promote a musical learning environment. 

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