Thoughts From Yesterday's BisNow Cloud Computing Show

    I had a chance to attend a great event yesterday on technology strategies for associations and non-profits.

    I have never been surer after talking to some CIO/CTO who have adopted cloud computing that this is the only way to provide smart business phone systems. Here’s why they are doing it (these are all quotes from executives).

    1. Cloud computing lets you buy it from the experts. Your team is good but not as good as the people who do this 24 hours a day.

    2. People still matter. If your internal IT people are better then their people, run! If you have to explain your business to the supplier that is not someone you should be doing business with. They should be bringing information to the table that YOU don’t know about your own business.

    3. Integrating applications unlocks the true power of the cloud. Make sure whatever cloud you choose can talk to everyone’s else’s cloud. Private clouds are better for voice for sure.

    4. Help Desk - Do they answer the phone when you call or are you on hold for 10 minutes?  Can they prove they have good service like Salesforce does? Can they measure customer satisfaction like Harley Davidson who uses Net Promoter?