TMCNet: Uncovering Treasure: New Solutions Enable Businesses to Realize the Richness of Customer Data

    Call centers, CRM systems, social networking and other sources often house a gold mine of customer data. Yet uncovering those riches and putting them to good use can be as difficult as finding El Dorado. However, a wide variety of solutions providers now offer tools and services that can help your organization discover its own Lost City of Gold.

    M5 Networks delivers solutions that arm its customers with insight into their customer data and interactions.  Brent Barbara, vice president of client solutions and alliances at the 11-year-old company, explains that M5 started out using a third-party technology, which has since been acquired, but a few years ago invested in its own business intelligence software solution, which is now in use with 65 to 70 percent of its customers. M5 in September added to its arsenal of actionable solutions with the introduction of Live Answer Service Metric, a SaaS-based feature that provides actionable intelligence about the call-answer rates at M5 clients' businesses.

    Not only does Live Answer Service Metric provide customers with various data on incoming calls and call treatment, but it also ranks such data and offers it in a format through which customers can compare their performance on these fronts with other businesses in their vertical.

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