Top 10 Reasons HP Networking Is The Brilliantly Simple Solution With ShoreTel

    HP brings one of the broadest portfolios in the industry to customer and provides a single point of contact to design and implement server, storage, networking and computing solutions. In addition, HP has one of the most robust offerings to support virtualized environments that allow the deployment of ShoreTel on VMWare delivering highly reliable operation of key roles while maintaining resiliency with ShoreTel’s distributed architecture at remote locations.

    The trend toward right-sizing network purchases continues and it is bolstered by many complementary attributes, which make HP Networking products the choice for implementation and upgrades.

    Without further delay, Tom Williams, business alliance manager from HP presents his top 10 reasons in support of HP Networking:

    #10- HP’s $80B Supply Chain allows HP to manage the variety of components required for products, determine commonality and re-use, and reduce tax & duty charges all resulting in better pricing to the customer.

    #9- Virtual Application Networks (VAN) built on HP’s FlexNetwork architecture reduce the time customers need to deploy cloud applications down from weeks to minutes. Utilizing pre-configured templates to characterize the network resources required to deliver an application to users, templates are “applied” to the network resources as opposed to time-consuming individual configuration tasks.

    #8- HP Networks end-to-end networking portfolio means customers will not struggle to fill “holes” in their network solutions. Having a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio leads to…

    #7- HP Networking products maintain a similar CLI from edge-to-core while adhering to standards-based features. These characteristics reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing staff training requirements and allowing for consistent network implementation (i.e. fewer human errors) resulting in fewer outages.

    #6- A single network management suite (IMC-Single Pane-of-Glass Management) allows for multi-vendor management and the simplification of network traffic analysis & trending; further reducing the TCO of the network in training and trouble-shooting costs.

    #5- A true Lifetime Warranty that is good for the complete ownership of the product, not just up until end-of-life. And that means fans and power supplies are included, along with free firmware updates for the life of the product.

    #4- A 47% return-on-investment and 20-month payback when using HP Networking products. Other highlights include 33% less unplanned downtime, and $200K savings in warranties alone on a $900K network purchase. (1) Based upon a Fortune 1000 “composite” of companies having two data centers.

    #3- Access to a large community of qualified HP Networks partners who can design and install high-quality networks, but also bring valuable resources which can help customers navigate multi-vendor integration and while maintaining sustainable network growth.

    #2- Customers can drive acquisition costs to market-appropriate levels by introducing HP as a 2nd vendor strategy into their networks. Gartner(2) states “Introducing a second networking vendor will reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for most organization by at least 15% to 25% over a five-year time frame.”

    #1- Designing and implementing principle-based solutions based upon network realities and trends. Is your vendor having honest discussions on how Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is changing everything, or how changing traffic patterns reduce the need for traditional 3-tier networking to support more East-West traffic flow? Not all of these trends favor greater vendor revenue. HP believes being transparent with customers is the best solution to building robust networks that last years.

     (1) “The Total Economic Impact Of HP Networking Solutions”, Bob Cormier, Vice President and Principal Consultant

    (2)“Introducing a 2nd Network Vendor Saves Money and Solidifies Operations” and “Debunking the Myth of the Single-Vendor Network”, by Mark Fabbi and Deborah Curtis



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