Top 3 Reasons Why Cloud Phone Systems Can Benefit the CMO

    As CMO your job is to build the corporate brand and reinforce the effectiveness of marketing programs. You need solutions that allow you to grow your brand awareness, advocacy and revenue.

    There is a saying here at M5 Networks, “That which get’s measured, improves.” Having your phone system in the cloud is a perfect example of how you can make this happen.

    1. Fill in the missing DNA
      Most CRM’s can only track emails. But when you integrate a cloud phone system with your CRM, you get a full history of communication from email to phone call to text message. M5 can show you how many prospects were touched, and what type of touch converted a suspect to a prospect, and a prospect to a customer

    2. CRM Integration with productivity/analysis
      Integrating CRM solutions like, NetSuite, and Sage CRM with your phone system gives you a never before available view of critical business metrics. With CRM Integration you can get activity evidence to support your forecast and get real insight into the campaigns and activities that support your revenue model. CRM adoption also increases with greater activity and forecast analysis.

    3. Click-Throughs in your Phone System
      Measuring the effectiveness of an email campaign is easy when you can track click-throughs. But how about “Call-Throughs”?  When someone calls your company, how do you know which campaign generated the call? Choose a phone solution like M5, which makes it easy to create unique phone numbers for each marketing campaign. You’ll know for sure which campaigns are generating leads and which are generating leads that result in sales.

    Placing your entire company on a single phone system is critical. With the tools and technology that makes marketing processes simple; you can rest easy knowing a cloud based solution will enhance your business with market leading technology. Make an empowering decision to make your phone system strengthen your business and improve your department.

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