The Top 5 Benefits of Hybrid Sites

    One of the key features of ShoreTel Connect is HYBRID Sites. This technology allows organizations to maintain their current onsite phone system and add cloud-based branch offices all from a single platform that offers the same user experience and feature parity whether deployment is located onsite, in the cloud or any mix of the two.

    ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Sites enables businesses to customize a mix of communications deployments that work for them, whether they’re transitioning from owning and managing onsite systems to an all-cloud subscription service model managed by a third party, or always intend to maintain a hybrid environment putting some resources and apps onsite and others in the cloud.

    Examples of hybrid deployments could be the ability to add remote sites in the cloud because of a lack of IT support or because of seasonal fluctuations. Hybrid Sites is a truly unique, risk-free approach to Unified Communications, providing companies with an unprecedented level of flexibility in how they organize, expand and customize their communications solutions for the changing demands of today and tomorrow, while still protecting existing investments.

    The following are five key ways HYBRID Sites helps organizations: 

    1. By Providing a Seamless User Experience

    As far as users are concerned, there is no difference in how they access and use their communications and collaboration tools and services. HYBRID Sites provides a seamless, intuitive experience that does not change whether an employee is in the office, on the road or using a softphone. And the experience they have within the company communicating and collaborating with each other is the same as the experience they have with vendors and customers who are often on different systems. Because HYBRID Sites is based on a common platform, four-digit extension dialing is available across both onsite and cloud locations, along with a consolidated directory.

    2. By Extending the Life of Your Communications Investment

    Many companies understand the benefits of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), but can’t move to the cloud because their existing equipment either hasn’t been fully depreciated or perhaps because they want to keep control over their onsite data. ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Sites allows these organizations to move to the cloud incrementally and deploy cloud-based and onsite solutions safely to different locations, then closely integrate them with equipment that’s already in place.

    In this way, businesses protect their investment by maintaining existing systems as long as it makes financial sense – without holding back as their communications needs evolve. With the ability to mix and match deployments as business and operations demand, no one has to compromise or risk trying to foresee future needs and missing the mark.

    3. Through Simple, Economical Upgrades

    HYBRID Sites maximizes your options for connecting your employees, customers and partners while lowering overall cost. HYBRID Sites is based on a single communications platform and user experience, no matter where communications services and employees are located. With HYBRID Sites you can add remote locations without additional capital expense, enjoy the same features across all deployments, and upgrade quickly and easily across your entire communications network.

    Hybrid Sites also provides a clear migration path for those who want to eventually transition from an onsite deployment to an all-cloud system, but can also be used to manage a permanent hybrid deployment. That means you can be more responsive to changes in your business while addressing the needs of your customers, partners and employees – quickly and economically.

    4. By Providing Easy Connectivity

    Securely configuring your network is simple with HYBRID Sites. There’s no need for a special VPN connection or Edge Gateway in this all-in-one, integrated solution from ShoreTel. Hybrid Sites ensures secure communication is always initiated from the onsite side of the deployment in the firewall’s outbound direction. And, connectivity is established using an existing Internet connection at one of your onsite locations. It’s just another way HYBRID Sites helps you leverage your existing infrastructure.

    5. By Keeping Your IT Team Sane

    Today’s technology teams are stretched in a dozen directions as vendors upgrade their products and more applications are deemed “mission-critical.” But ShoreTel Connect is designed to minimize the requirements put onto your technical resources. ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Sites allows for effortless connectivity of CLOUD and ONSITE locations, providing a common user experience that minimizes the need for internal training, support implementation and upgrade work. At the same time, administrators and managers can seamlessly and securely add users or locations in the cloud, without requiring technical resources.

    ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Sites provides new communications features on demand, integrates diverse deployments, maximizes up-time and leverages the strengths of onsite and cloud deployments from one platform. And it does all that in a way that can be uniquely tailored to your company’s business model and growth strategies.

    To learn more, visit the ShoreTel Connect HYBRID webpage.

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