The Top Business Apps for the Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch is here, bringing with it a slew of apps available on the wrist. Like the iPhone, there's an entire app ecosystem available for the Apple Watch for personal and business use. We've outlined some of the top business apps available now on the Apple Watch that will help you get more productive. 

    PowerPoint and Keynote

    For starters, there is Microsoft PowerPoint. The latest version of this app for the Apple Watch includes PowerPoint Remote with wrist-mounted control of slides, which is very useful during presentations. Not only can it start, stop and move through the slides in a presentation, but it also provides the time elapsed and a reference to remaining slides. Of course, Apple also offers Keynote, which provides similar controls for its own presentation software, but PowerPoint users won’t have to worry about changing their software of choice.


    Next, we have 1Password, an app from AgileBits designed to store and access account passwords. A typical employee needs login credentials and passwords for numerous websites, applications and devices. While there is, of course, a risk to keeping all your passwords stored in one place, it’s far more secure than writing them down in an easily-stolen notepad (this is not recommended).

    Evernote and Drafts

    Evernote is another helpful app that is particularly useful for small business collaboration. You can dictate, scan and search for notes, as well as create reminders for yourself. Drafts 4 is a similar app, which you can dictate notes to for your own perusal. They can be archived, edited, and deleted as necessary for easy organization.


    Now, it may seem odd to suggest a time-tracking app for a watch, but Timely does more than just keep track of the time. It tracks how much time you spend on tasks and projects, or helps you set aside a certain amount of time for them. While free to download, it does require purchases for certain plans and features, so it will take a bit of extra money to get the most out of.

    ShoreTel Mobility

    ShoreTel has introduced a version of ShoreTel Mobility for the Apple Watch. This app extends all of ShoreTel’s collaboration and productivity-enhancing features to the Apple Watch, providing meeting reminders and links, notifications, contacts, enterprise calling and instant messaging features to the watch. For the professional on the go, this is invaluable, making it even easier to connect with co-workers and join in meetings. You already know and love ShoreTel Mobility, now it can be available with a single tap of the wrist.

    These are just a few of the convenient and useful business apps available for the Apple Watch. As more people will be seen wearing the Apple Watch to work, we expect it to become another way for people to communicate and get stuff done, not matter where they may be. 

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