Top Tips to Improve Call Center Performance

    Customers expect high levels of service when they contact a business, and the ability of an organization’s contact center to meet those expectations can determine successful interaction.

    Some top tips to improving contact center performance were offered in an article from U.K.-based Call Centre Helper, called “12 great tips to improve call centre performance.”

    Some of the top tips included:

    Target for achievement – Businesses should inspire call center workers to hit targets, utilize best practices and pursue self-development.

    Share best practices – Identify successful calls and engage in group sessions to listen to them and identify a winning approach.

    Empower agents and focus on business outcomes – Ensure that agents have the right information at the right time, so they can enhance the customer’s experience.

    Re-examine the key performance metrics – Go beyond average handling time and measure outcomes such as customer satisfaction levels, new business sales, net promoter scores, and life-time value of customers.

    Build relationships – Encourage call center workers to reach out to others in their company to increase their understanding of their impact on the call center and improve your knowledge of their roles.

    To read the entire article, click here.

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