Trade Show Survival Tips: Dreamforce Bound

    Many of our readers will be attending or exhibiting at Dreamforce user conference in San Francisco next week.  We’ll be there showing off our new M5 Business SMS for Salesforce service.  I was thinking that this is a good time to pull out the old trade show survival tips.  Whether you are a seasoned trade show veteran or a newbie, these reminders might come in handy.

    If possible, set up interactions beforehand.  If not, Tweet. There may be lots of people that you want to connect with at the event.  It will be crowded and crazy, so if possible try to set up meetings in advance.  If that doesn’t work and you still want to connect with someone, it is a good idea to use social media to get their attention.  Not everyone responds to email as quickly as usual when they are at an event, but a Tweet might do the trick.  You may also want to follow the people and vendors you’d most like to see.  They will likely be tweeting about their activities.

    Keep a list for follow-up.  You’ll learn a lot and meet some great people, but get frustrated if you get home and can’t remember what you wanted to look into more deeply.  If you make a quick note on your smartphone (or notebook if that’s how you roll), you’ll thank yourself latter.  No time for a note?  Snap a photo to jog your memory.

    Bring a Survival Kit. If you want to be the most popular person at the show bring non-prescription pain killers, eye drops, antihistamines, Band-Aids, antacids, safety pins, masking tape and breath mints.  You want pretty much all the stuff your mom kept in her purse.

    Wear comfortable shoes. The event is long, the floor is hard, but somehow we forget the orthotics.  Many of us who are primarily office workers don’t spend many days standing up for long periods of time.  Your feet may swell.  New shoes are a terrible idea.  This is especially important for the ladies, no one can be happy with unhappy feet.

    Have Fun! Don’t miss out on the lighter side of the show.  Be sure to make it to the receptions, Cloud Crawl and of course the Gala event featuring Metallica.

    We are getting our survival kits together and are ready to rock and roll.  If you’d like to set aside some time to beforehand to chat with us, let us know.  Otherwise, feel free to drop by and see us in the Bluewolf booth (#701).  We look forward to seeing you there.

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