Trade Streaming: Making Sense Of The Google, Motorola Deal – With Dan Hoffman

    We’re doing something a little different with this interview.In the wake of the announcement that Google ($GOOG) was buying Motorola Mobility ($MMI), I wanted to understand the deal dynamics better.

    I spoke with Dan Hoffman, CEO and President of M5, a managed VOIP solutions provider.Dan’s an Internet pioneer, founding an early ISP. M5 services enterprise clients with cloud telephony, on the forefront of telecommunications service.

    In this interview, we address

    • trends in software, hardware, and cloud

    • value of the Motorola patent portfolio

    • how Dan’s firm is leveraging technology advances, regardless of who ultimately wins

    • how this acquisition would impact Apple ($AAPL) and Microsoft ($MSFT)

    Read more at Trade Streaming.

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