Network Complexity and Reliability

    Increasing network complexity. High user expectations for reliability. Market factors like this have created a challenging environment for service providers tasked with supporting cloud-hosted unified communications (UC) solutions. 

    The Challenge

    Many organizations relish the chance to relinquish responsibility for managing and supporting a growing network of PBX hardware and software. It’s one of the reasons so many companies are shifting to cloud-hosted unified communication systems.

    As David Michels notes in Premises-Based UC Is Over

    “UC complexity has spread like a cancer across IT. To troubleshoot a call, the modern telecom/IT professional is expected to be savvy with a series of UC applications, firewalls, SBCs, SIP, IP, virtualization, VLANs, wireless, and more.” 

    By moving to the cloud, organizations shift the burden of support to service providers. While life gets easier for IT departments with the adoption of cloud-hosted UC, service providers are faced with a new challenge—meeting user demands for reliability and high service quality in an increasingly complex network environment. Those who manage this complexity successfully get an edge on their competition. But it’s not an easy task, and poor service quality drives customers away quickly.

    The Opportunity

    With the right tools, service providers can not only meet the ever-more demanding needs of their customers, but potentially even get a potential edge over competitors. Fault and performance management solutions detect problems early, provide the tools to resolve them quickly and help service providers deliver a high level of service quality to their customers.  Service providers with fault and performance management capabilities for their unified communication systems can lower churn, increase contract renewal rate, and upsell value-added services, like reports.

    Cloud-based service provider VoIP Networks uses Mitel’s fault and performance management software, MarWatch, to monitor and manage UC networks, and points to the importance of fast problem resolution in driving customer loyalty. 

    “MarWatch gives our first level support staff the tools they need to solve the customer’s problem,” said Mark Mowad, Chief Operating Officer of VoIP Networks. “Fast problem resolution is key in our business, and helps ensure our customers remain satisfied and loyal.”

    Now available to Mitel service providers as part of Mitel’s MiCloud offering, MarWatch fault and performance management supports a full range of devices in the MiCloud Data Center infrastructure, including Mitel unified communications, servers, switches and routers. Features include 24/7 performance and availability monitoring, real-time alerts, advanced integrated testing tools, detailed reporting and a key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard.

    Learn more about MiCloud solutions for service providers, and MarWatch fault and performance management