UC can increase efficiency and ROI

    Unified communications (UC) are becoming popular as enterprises seek to improve their offerings, but return on investment (ROI) is a consideration when deploying any new kind of software, IT or communications tool. According to Network Computing, the majority of companies are looking to gain ROI in ill-suited places, such as through inexpensive services that lack quality. The truth of the matter is that integrating voice, video, text, email and other communication channels in a UC system provides enhancements in efficiency that can lead to greater ROI in a softer sense.

    The ultimate goal of UC and VoIP is to provide enhancements in communication that will benefit business through integration, advanced features and premium services.

    Integrate UC into existing solutions

    The news source reported that UC, standing alone, isn't likely to bring in a large amount of savings. Instead, the ability to integrate a UC system into existing processes to increase efficiency, enhance operations and improve customer satisfaction is a better solution. VoIP, customer relationship management (CRM) and cloud models all have their individual benefits, but they are best when integrated into a larger business communications structure that facilitates their use.

    One of the largest benefits of a UC system that is likely to bring ROI is improving customer relationships. According to CMSWire, it's difficult to accurately assess exactly what it is that promotes trust in a customer relationship. The news source reported that customers won't trust a representative or salesperson just because they know a lot of information. In order to convert and make a transaction, customers must trust and respect the person they're talking to. Businesses must capitalize on relationship management to ensure that these relations result in ROI.

    Suggestions for business executives

    The news source gave some tips and suggestions on how business executives can leverage their UC systems and CRM solutions to create trust. Understanding how customer and purchasing behavior operates is important for being an industry leader and resource. Also, customers must feel as though sales teams and representatives understand the complexity of their industry, as well as their particular issues.

    CMSWire also reported that the ability to monitor and analyze user behavior can help develop sales and marketing strategies that specifically cater to what's happening for customers in the industry.

    Because VoIP services and UC solutions provide enhancements in communication, both are great options for call and contact centers looking to boost their customer service. When deploying a solution, it's important to choose a vendor carefully to ensure that the UC system contains the necessary advanced features and can be integrated into existing processes.

    Better communication means better business

    Regardless of whether the ROI is "hard" or "soft" on account of UC and VoIP, the ability to communicate better within the company and with clients will benefit business. Sales teams that feel they have multiple channels to connect with prospective customers will enjoy the solutions offered by UC.

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