UC can pay off for cash-strapped businesses

    The current economic climate means that many businesses are unable to afford significant capital investments, but they still need to find ways to improve operational efficiency. According to a recent report from a managed services provider, unified communications technology is an ideal platform for organizations attempting to empower its employees to work more effectively.

    The news source explained that UC solutions can streamline collaboration, ensuring that minimal time is wasted during the work day. The technology also pays of in the call center or for customer service representatives, as it can help the telephony system remain available and effective at all times.

    Josh Linn, director of engineering for the managed service provider, explained that UC not only improves efficiency, but also has a positive impact on sustainability.

    Linn also said unified communications is able to deliver consistent telephony systems that can give businesses a competitive edge over their peers.

    A UC deployment can also enable businesses to develop innovative collaboration strategies. By integrating voice, video and data capabilities in a single platform, UC is able to deliver a diverse range of communication applications to end users in a variety of settings.