UC, cloud among most popular IT projects

    Companies of all sizes are leveraging a number of useful technologies, such as unified communications, cloud computing, virtualization, business intelligence and mobile applications, among many others. A joint study conducted by IT staffing firm TEKsystems and the Loyalty Research Group found that employees believe these options offer their organizations a quick return on investment.

    Of those IT professionals surveyed, 58 percent expect ROI for business intelligence/data warehousing to take less than one year, while 55 percent expect a similar time frame for the cloud, with another 53 percent of participants giving unified communications this distinction. The study said 29 percent of respondents expect all of the IT projects named to show a ROI in one or two years.


    Unified communications was highlighted by 59 percent of respondents who said the technology will provide ROI value of less than $2 million, while 57 percent expect this return for cloud computing. Overall, 28 percent of participants said all of the initiatives will generate ROI between $2 million and $10 million. The study also said that 8 percent of IT professionals believe ROI will range from $10 million to $50 million. Seven percent are even more optimistic, saying it will surpass $50 million.


    The joint survey also found that 66 percent of workers said that, overall, technology solutions have worked out well, with 52 percent saying such projects have aligned with business goals.


    "Common measurements of IT like cost savings, internal client satisfaction and productivity changes are important. But when a key objective of IT departments is to align with the business, showing how IT actually helps revenues increase and the business to adopt new changes is just as important," noted TEKsystems director Rachel Russell.


    Cloud-based UC perfect for small businesses


    While many small businesses may be leveraging cloud computing or unified communications independently of one another, a recent Smallbiztechnology.com report encouraged these companies to integrate both solutions for greater effectiveness. The news source noted the two platforms can help organizations upgrade outdated phone systems.


    "How would it feel if you had a business phone number with multiple extensions, a phone with a ton of cute buttons, and a mobility platform that lets you answer your office calls from your mobile phone, no matter where you are?" the news source asked. "Enter cloud-based unified communications, a fully-integrated phone service that operates on the cloud, meant to serve business clients."



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