UC market solidifying, but will continue to evolve

    The unified communications sector has hit a clear benchmark as more solutions providers are touting solutions that work with specific end points, UCStrategies reported.

    For example, vendors are increasingly showcasing collaboration suites on smartphones, tablets and customer business phone systems that are equipped with the necessary hardware to support sophisticated UC applications and services. The report said this transition is a potential sign of solidification in the market, as the proliferation of endpoint-based UC solutions shows that many businesses are ready to embrace the technology.

    The problem is that a UC system that focus on the endpoint, and not the user, is not necessarily the technology's long-term destination. While giving businesses a solid end-user device with pre-installed UC software is attractive in light of the technology's current state, evolution will likely continue toward the eventual goal of a unified communications system - delivering a collaboration platform that caters to specific operational needs, the report explained.

    The need for this more customized, adaptable UC solution is already beginning to become clear. According to the news source, the difference between endpoints in various industry verticals is vast, as workers in varying roles require incredibly distinct collaboration solutions. However, diversity is not as important within a vertical, as most workers with a similar purpose are using many common tools. This creates an environment where the current pre-configured endpoints can flourish, but will likely not represent the future of the industry.

    While current endpoint-based UC solutions may not be entirely representative of the sector's ultra-flexible future, they are not completely immovable systems either. The report said there is still some room to customize applications on a technical level and plenty of elasticity to allow different departments to recommend the services that are most applicable to their colleagues.

    The current solidity and vast potential of the unified communications market combine to create an environment of rapid growth in the sector. In some instances, this trend is coming in the form of more spending on high-end UC capabilities. Many experts agree that investments in videoconferencing and other advanced unified communications functions are quickly becoming more popular in the enterprise. Video is one of the most powerful UC tools in a technical sense, but its operational capabilities are similarly vast. Videoconferencing can create such productive virtual meetings that organizations can drastically reduce their travel expenses while improving collaboration.

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