UC is more than upgraded PBX phone systems

    Unified communications solutions offer businesses much in the way of improved collaboration tools and updated technology. However, John Del Pizzo, a leading UC expert, says that the number one reason for adopting UC is still only to upgrade legacy PBX systems, according to IT Business Edge.

    According to Del Pizzo, many businesses are missing out on other advantages UC can offer them, because they are too focused on upgrading to VoIP PBX. He says that one of the biggest benefits missed is the "development of truly social business" - specifically the ability to tap into social networking technologies to improve customer service.


    In order to get the most value from any UC solution, a business can use it with CRM systems to help cut the amount of time spent during a support call, gathering caller information while still providing quality service. Additionally, Del Pizzo says that social media can improve sales-increasing strategies through advertising and marketing.


    Regardless of why a company adopts UC, the main benefit of these solutions is the flexibility to address numerous business communication needs, and still provide support for future improvements.



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