UC, other solutions expected to help small businesses

    Several technologies are changing the small business landscape, and unified communications is considered to be at the top of the list, according to Business Dynamic's Will Irving. The writer explained that UC deployments are expected to become more popular because the solution is easier to understand and implement than in prior years.

    "Unified communications means having all forms of digital communication - voice, video, documents, messages, whiteboards - enabled between various parties, whatever device they are using," Irving explained. "Up until now, it's been about users combining their phone with their desktop computer - and once you get used to clicking someone’s name in an email to call them, you quickly forget about pushing buttons on the phone."

    Unified communications will undergo several changes moving forward, further cementing the technology's place among small businesses. One such trend on the horizon is the increasing adoption of smartphones, which enable email, voice, text messages, the internet and cameras to be integrated in one device. These products are also ideal because employees can view incoming calls in meetings or while communicating with customers.

    The writer added that cloud computing and improved conferencing technology will also benefit small businesses in the near future. The cloud allows these companies to compete with larger organizations while still lowering overall operating costs. Mobile broadband speed has made video conferencing solutions more affordable than ever for small businesses.

    UC all about the competition

    A recent Smallbiztechnology.com report also highlighted the advantages of unified communications among small businesses looking to go head-to-head with larger competitors. For companies with just a few employees, older phone systems can suffice, but organizations with greater needs should look at UC for supporting this workforce.

    Small businesses using unified communications can stay connected through a uniform platform. When choosing a solution, these companies should seek options that do not strain overall operating costs. Since mobility is important to many businesses, vendors that offer support for Android, iOS and BlackBerry are ideal, according to the Smallbiztechnology report.

    While small businesses may not be as large as their competitors, many companies are expected to undergo future growth. To prevent any issues regarding this level of expansion, the news source encouraged organizations to choose vendors that support their changing needs with upgrades that can be implemented easily.

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