UC strategies enhance business communications

    Unified communications (UC) is the integration of many different forms of communication for ease of use and remote capabilities. These forms may include instant messaging, video chatting, speech recognition, voice mail, conference calling, customer data sharing and more. Services such as VoIP and PBX systems as well as customer relationship management (CRM) software can serve to enhance UC. When enterprises decide to deploy new business phone systems or other communication technologies, they should consider how to include UC.

    Some UC solutions allow users to send a message over one medium and receive a response through in another. For example, a message sent using SMS may appear in an instant message or an email and then be translated into a voice mail.


    Because so many organizations recognize the benefits of the technology, providers are constantly developing improved systems to enhance UC. According to Engineering News, UC can be used by companies wanting to allow collaboration in videos. Many UC providers now offer solutions Some companies are releasing UC with a particular focus on enabling video collaboration for employees.


    "The intelligence of the network enables easy collaboration because there is no need for any standard equipment and users can use their own devices or company devices according to their preferences," said Greg Griessel, a security solutions engineer at a large UC provider that recently launched such a solution. "Staff all over the world can collaborate easily with others, all according to a fully traceable and auditable system, using the company’s governance rules."


    Although this particular solution focuses on video collaboration, UC offers the opportunity for collaboration across all types of media. UC isn't limited to just one form of communication.An enhanced voice calling system, for example, offers benefits to organizations, but alone it is not a UC solution.


    Mobile solutions in UC

    Bring your own device (BYOD) is a growing movement in many organizations. In a corporate world where many employees use their own or company devices, it's essential to include mobile as part of greater UC strategies.


    According to UC Strategies, many contact centers are using UC to accommodate mobile apps. The news source reported that text messages may soon subsume phone calls, changing the face of how companies manage UC. As technology advances and users adjust, mobile strategies will need to grow and change. IT departments will need to offer enhanced security features to cope with these changes, while companies develop UC applications for smartphones and tablets.


    UC in any location

    It's not just that businesses should employ UC strategies in contact centers - it's also necessary to make sure UC can be accessed from any location on any device. This does pose security challenges, but these can be solved with careful consideration, reported UC Strategies. Because the ability to work from anywhere is gaining such significant traction, companies risk losing their competitive edge if they cannot offer UC from any location.



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