UC Strategies: ShoreTel and M5 Up at Bat

    Usually, when a vendor acquires another company, it causes headaches for their channel partners, who don’t like having to learn something new. Such is apparently not the case with ShoreTel and its M5 acquisition.

    At the ShoreTel Investor Day in San Francisco (great location at AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants), after listening to M5’s CEO Dan Hoffman, it became clear that this acquisition should be a very smooth transition for the companies, their customers, and their partners. Hoffman noted that M5 partners now get access to the ShoreTel product line, and ShoreTel has more opportunity to innovate regarding the hosted product, since M5 owns the code. ...

    All in all, I believe that ShoreTel partners should be pleased with the changes that the company is making, and the fact that they now have the option of selling premise, hosted, and hybrid offerings. The details of the new partner program have yet to be announced, so we’ll have to stay tuned and see how this plays out.

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