UC Survey Says: You Want It Both Ways

    What do you most want unified communications (UC) to enable?

    We polled the LinkedIn community--and got some challenging results. Before we share them, first consider: what's the number one benefit you want from your unified communications solution?

    • Worker self-reliance?
    • Simple communications?
    • Dynamic teamwork?
    • Business intelligence at hand?
    • Inspired workforce?

    With over 200 million members, LinkedIn users stay connected to each other and to the companies they value.  (Almost 5,000 LinkedIn users follow ShoreTel, and you can, too.) Because LinkedIn's audience is so diverse, we expected our UC poll to generate results fairly evenly spread across the five multiple choice options.

    But that's not what happened.

    Instead, two attributes were neck and neck for the lead: dynamic teamwork barely edged out simple communications for the top spot and received as many votes as the three lowest ranked benefits combined.

    The topline: you want your UC both ways: dynamic AND simple.  Why not have the best of both worlds?

    It’s not so surprising that dynamic teamwork took the top spot.  At its best, UC empowers employees to communicate flexibly, with advanced tools that add value and productivity to every moment. When employees can reach who they need, when they’re needed, no matter where they are or what device they’re using--when they can choose to communicate by voice, message, chat or full-on video conference as the situation merits--collaboration becomes a whole new ballgame.

    It's also not surprising that simple communications took top honors. After all, who wants their communications to be complicated? Yet some UC vendors can't offer business communications solutions that offer BOTH dynamic collaboration AND operational simplicity. For these vendors, offering robust communications tools gets very complicated as soon as you start adding additional locations, additional users, or additional features.  Something that should be simple (say, moving an employee from one location to another) can cascade a bundle of time-consuming manual tasks.

    When ShoreTel pioneered VoIP unified communications by creating the first purpose-built, all IP business phone system, we had one thing in mind: make the functions and features dynamic, but keep the deployment and management simple.

    And that's exactly what we did, and do, every day.  Thanks, LinkedIn community, for letting us know what you value in your UC solution.  We'll continue to deliver the goods, on premise, in the cloud--where ever and whenever you need dynamic, simple communications.

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