UC systems coming on strong in 2012

    Businesses are striving to optimize productivity without burning out workers so much that they can no longer perform at an optimal pace. To accomplish this, organizations need to streamline collaboration and communication to improve efficiency, CFOWorld reported.

    According to the news source, optimizing revenues is dependent on getting the most out of workers. Doing this involves finding a way to integrate communications channels into a platform that allows employees to collaborate in the most effective manner possible without sacrificing any productivity.

    The report said unified communications systems are emerging as an ideal platform to meet this operational need, and will likely become more popular during the coming year.

    Citing Orange Business, the news source explained that 43 percent of knowledge workers will respond to corporate emails or text messages while out on a date or involved in another important personal matter. This eventually frustrates employees and derails productivity. Companies that deploy UC solutions, on the other hand, save an average of approximately 32 minutes per day, per employee, the report said.

    Cloud-based UC can be especially helpful for organizations, as it allows them to access robust collaboration tools through third-party hardware. This reduces costs and makes the innovative technology accessible to more businesses.

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