UK construction industry turns to unified communications

    In the United Kingdom, the construction industry relies on collaboration and sharing to complete large projects. Recently, VINCI PLC, a world leader in the industry, employed a new campus network to support unified communications (UC) among construction businesses.

    According to VINCI PLC's website, the private company focuses on the financing, designing and implementation of large construction projects.


    It was essential that a system be implemented to facilitate communication as expectations are rising for company information exchange. The new system includes video conference abilities and virtual desktop integration, along with other features. Additionally, mobile devices can easily connect to the network.


    "We wanted an end-to-end solution that enabled us to collaborate more effectively with partners, and supported BIM across projects so we can offer improved service to customers, project efficiency and risk management," said Ben Paddick, a technical design architect at VINCI PLC.


    The country manager for the software company that created the new system noted that unified communications can improve business efficiency and functionality.


    User expectations are increasing the construction industry where unified communications are essential. It is expected that other industries will benefit from UC solutions.



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