Understanding the Voice of the Customer

    In order to truly understand the Voice of the Customer you must first think like the customer and understand they are going to view your solution differently than you do. For instance, Xima Partners may focus and ask questions like how easy installation process, or what is my cost as a reseller and what is MSRP? However, customers will ask different questions about the software. They will be more focused on things like what training is offered with the software or how easy is the software to use and manage.

    There is a clear difference between the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Business Partners. Xima Software has spent the past 7 years listening to their customers and partners and have updated our business processes which help Xima and their ShoreTel Partners retain existing customers and earn new business. 

    1. Customer Journey: Before a customer can view a solution they must first establish that there is a problem. This could be that their current technology is too old, or they need new features sets that aren’t available with their current system. They are then going to research how to solve the problem. They are going to view potential solutions and evaluate the best options for their business. Chronicall is built around providing ShoreTel partners a wide variety of solutions for their customers. We have developed our software to address multiple customer concerns like call management through Call Reporting, Call Recording for improved call quality and agent performance, and Realtime Agent Software for increased customer satisfaction. Xima offers customized realtime demos so customers can see the value available within Chronicall and ask specific questions as it pertains to their business. This helps customers on their journey and can be the key determinant in picking a new phone system. For instance, Dealdus Books, when evaluating a new phone system and call center software chose Chronicall because, "The Realtime software was better than anything else I had seen." 

    2. Customer Satisfaction: Customers are going to deal with all aspects of your business so everyone needs to be on the same page and constantly listening to the Voice of the Customers. Xima Software offers realtime support, answering calls live, and logging in remotely to troubleshoot any issues customers are experiencing. Support is often one of the main pain points customers are trying to resolve. To quote Austin Pain Associates, "Xima Support is the main reason they use Xima software...If we ever have a question, we get the support we need. They help us examine the data and understand the information it is giving us. We know the information is accurate and can trust the data it is giving us."  This level of support is what customers are asking for and by understanding that requirement it helps Xima Software and their ShoreTel Business Partners retain customers for the long term. 

    Xima Software reports

    3. Constant Improvement: In order to satisfy customer needs you need to constantly adapt and improve. Chronicall allows customers to submit feature requests within the software. This allows Xima Software to measure how the customers are currently using the software, and how they might be able to use the software if enhancements were developed. Based off this customer feedback Xima Software produces updates throughout the year improving the software and customer experience. This includes things like user management, updated interfaces, new features and more.

    Xima Software Realtime Wallboard

    By listening to the customer and defining our sales approach, offering great support, and development process, Chronicall has adapted to be an easy to deploy, easy to manage, feature rich solution. What enhancements will come next? Become one of our ShoreTel Business Partners and sell our solution to your customers to have a voice within Xima Software.

    "Besides their quality product…Their customer service and business development teams have really gone above and beyond to make sure that we are happy customers and we've since formed a valuable business relationship with Xima." – Boostability

    To find out more about Xima Software please visit us online at www.ximasoftware.com or call 888-944-9462.

    Xima Software is a sponsor of the 2016 ShoreTelOne Global Partner Conference, a gathering of ShoreTel’s channel partners and distributors as well as industry analysts and consultants from around the globe. The event will take place the week of Dec. 5 at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Fla. Learn more about the conference here.

    Jon Florence has spent his entire professional career in telecom. He started out as a technician installing and supporting a wide variety of different PBX platforms. He transitioned to Sales Engineer to be more involved in the customer journey and purchasing process. He joined Xima Software in 2011 as a Channel Manager and was responsible for on-boarding all new partners. In 2015, Jon became Xima Software's Director of Sales where he began changing Xima Sales processes to be more focused on Sales Process Excellence and establishing a streamline approach to offering superior pre and post-sales support to their partners and customers.


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