“Can you hear me now?” It’s that commercial phrase we all remember – likely because we’ve all joked about it at one point.

But when you’re in your office, conducting business, your system needs to work. No joke. And for enterprise VoIP networks, that’s where PathSolutions comes in – solving the root-causes of call quality problems.

PathSolutions VoIP Monitor provides Total Network Visibility for VoIP networks. Installing in under 15 minutes, and requiring no advanced configuration, it finds the core issues of any network problem and delivers straightforward prescriptions to fix them.

This will give you back time in your day; you'll never be stuck spending hours trying to resolve problems in a network. (I can only image we all have better things to do.)

Monitoring and optimization capabilities play a critical role as many businesses seek to take advantage of the significant cost savings associated with cloud-based services and resources. Within the LAN, congestion and packet delays may be masked by over-provisioned network links. And in the current economy, buying more capacity to the cloud is often unfeasible and does not make good business sense. Therefore it’s crucial to utilize existing bandwidth and configure networks for optimized performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Monitors entire network.
  • Installs in less than 15 minutes.
  • Can run on existing server or workstation.
  • Finds root cause of issues and provides plain-language prescription.
  • ROI begins day one, not weeks later.
  • Software-only solution; no hardware boxes to ship or lose.
  • Pinpoint exact reasons for diminished call quality.
  • Saves time and enables those with less experience to resolve network issues.

If you’re already a ShoreTel Reseller, don’t miss PathSolutions’ upcoming webinar – part of the ShoreTel Innovation Network series highlighting Alliance technology partners – where we’ll be discussing the fast and easy way to identify the root-causes of call quality problems in the network.

To learn more about ShoreTel and PathSolutions, visit the PathSolutions Innovation Network site.

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Steve Weinstock

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