Unified communications being impacted by several IT trends

    There are several trends impacting the unified communications landscape. TechTarget's Tom Nolle suggested that organizations need more flexible UC solutions moving forward.

    The writer explained that the growth of video, changing voice options and demand for cloud resources are all shaping the unified communications industry. Businesses leveraging UC must ensure collaboration is distributed across all departments, customer needs and supply chains.

    "Due to mobility, increased video use due to consumerization and growth of the cloud, enterprises need to take a fresh look at how changes in video, cloud and voice drivers can affect UC policy and direction," Nolle explained.

    Many industry experts believe unified communications offer organizations a number of advantages, especially regarding the evolution of the modern contact center. Unified Communications Strategies blogger Jason Andersson recently noted that UC helps businesses bridge communication gaps between front office and back office operations. If successful, UC can help integrated CRM and other applications perform more effectively in a company's contact center.

    Unified communications deployments are also helpful for organizations because the technology uses advanced algorithms to study customer data in real time, Andersson added.

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