Unified communications can add efficiency to enterprise operations

    Many enterprise and public sector employees spend much of their time on the phone, not actually communicating to anybody. According to a recent Government Technology report, phone tag is becoming a major problem for many organizations, but business phone systems equipped with unified communications tools can resolve the problem.

    The news source explained that phone tag involves individuals calling each other back and forth, leaving messages and getting bits and pieces of information, but never being able to actually catch each other to hold a conversation.

    Unified communications can overcome this by using presence technology, the report said. Essentially, a UC platform allows workers to collaborate more easily by using status updates to tell colleagues what they are doing at any time. This allows individuals to target their calls when their co-workers are more accessible, avoiding wasted time creating and listening to messages, according to the news source.

    This level of presence adds substantially to the efficiency of enterprise communication, and using the cloud can take it to another level. Cloud-based unified communications technology offers the same capabilities to end users, but removes many of the underlying management challenges, reducing costs and improving efficiency even further.