Unified communications can be improved with business process automation

    One things many companies struggle with when implementing unified communications solutions is multivendor integration. However, according to Voice & Data, business process automation can help avoid this problem and maximize UC's potential.

    Many contact centers and other businesses see UC as a way to save money and still provide top quality service that meets the approval of today's tech savvy consumers. The issue is that most of the software utilized in UC solutions is much older than the concept itself, and the two do not always play well together.

    Business process automation allows companies to save cost while still managing applications and helping the programs to integrate, without requiring extensive supervision from IT staff. In order to implement automation, the varying software that makes up any UC solution must be able to work with the others. Then, those processes have to be able to function without being managed by an employee. Automation will then provide queuing, routing, and other vital functions without adding extra cost and manpower needs, according to the news source.

    Integration, or interoperability, is another key to UC success. According to Eric Krapf at No Jitter, this is the main component lacking from the typical UC setup. Unified communications cannot be truly beneficial without all the different programs coming from the same vendor, or vendors working well together. As many vendors do not supply all the parts of a UC system, the latter will need to be improved. Krapf suggests that the answer may be in the cloud.

    A hosted UC system might make consolidating the various components easier. Also, cloud VoIP and other services are more cost effective than physical technology and are known to provide higher quality communications. Automation could also take place in the cloud, bringing together disparate software to work together in a centralized, easily accessible location.

    Unified communications can provide significant cost savings, but must be implemented properly, and work efficiently in order to do so. Taking advantage of business process automation can not only help this happen, but potentially decrease the related budget even more. Combining various solutions can ultimately provide a simpler, more efficient and beneficial system for companies, employees, and customers.

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