Unified communications can help reduce time lost during the work day

    The average professional spends 242 minutes every day in communications limbo. This is not time wasted intentionally, but rather spent trying to contact a colleague, repeating conversations, scheduling meetings and other work-related activities. A recent infographic at Payscale shows that these tasks take up about 50 percent of a professional's "wasted time" on any given day, and can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

    However, deploying unified communications solutions can easily reduce these losses by half. According to the graphic, by implementing cloud-based UC services like hosted VoIP a company can speed up access to collaboration tools, helping workers be more productive during the day, in addition to the other benefits that these systems provide, like cost savings on IT budgets.


    One important feature that UC provides is conferencing support, removing the need to repeat conversations with multiple coworkers. Combined with other time-saving features, like reducing downtime trying to contact a colleague or sort through spam email, this can save the average worker 115.5 minutes or more each day.


    UC not only helps increase productivity, but is also a flexible solution that can help a company stay on top of modern trends and changes in the business world, while reducing overall costs and increasing revenue.



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