Unified communications gives managers more staffing freedom

    Business communications methods are constantly evolving, and as systems change, decision makers can develop new strategies and plans for operational and collaboration needs. However, according to Unified Communications Strategies contributor Orrin Broberg, some systems integration managers are concerned that solutions like unified communications will force managers to reassess their resourcing and potentially downsize. However, some experts do not agree.

    Unified communications provide a variety of benefits that can reduce the need for a large employee pool, such as increased productivity and more efficient operations that allow professionals to get more work done in a day. According to Broberg, companies deploying UC solutions can be more selective about their staffing and "pick the right players" for the roles that need to be filled. However, managers may be able to focus the benefits that UC provides on accomplishing complex tasks, rather than more tasks in general.

    In order to accomplish this, business leaders will have to hire professionals with more specific training, who will be able to lead other workers on more detailed projects. This can lead to new innovations and opportunities for a business to take on new ventures rather than the downsizing that some worry about, as the news source shows.

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