Unified communications helps improve customer trust

    Companies with unified communications in place can take advantage of the technology's ability to help businesses lower IT costs because all systems are integrated into one platform. UC also has another key benefit, according to CRN's Rob Keenan, who recently explained that UC solutions can help financial services firms rebuild trust with their customers.

    The writer suggested that by pairing unified communications with cloud computing, financial services organizations can improve operational efficiency even further.


    "UC can add flexibility and it can be done over the cloud, letting organizations add extra workers to the corporate network in a matter of hours," Keenan wrote. "Customer service teams might even be able to respond better to customer concerns, including large-scale outages."


    Keenan also explained that unified communications helps staff members improve customer interactions by communicating through social media, eventually restoring overall consumer satisfaction levels.


    Mobility is considered one of the most disruptive IT trends going, and this movement is also beneficial for banks hoping to improve how they operate. A mobilized workforce can communicate with customers using the latest technologies and improve overall performance for the long term, according to Keenan.


    Unified communications, contact centers a perfect match


    The advantages of unified communications are more widespread than some companies may realize. Unified Communications Strategies blogger Jason Andersson recently explained how UC deployments can also improve the modern contact center by bridging communication gaps between the front and back offices of an organization.


    "The use of unified communication in the back office has accentuated the ridge between these two groupings," Andersson wrote. "Contact Centers employ advanced technology that routes customer contacts to staff skilled to reply and handle them. They have special desktop applications that integrate to CRM applications containing customer specific information."


    Since both the front and back offices have separate goals in mind, many businesses are searching for solutions that address this level of disconnect. According to Andersson, unified communications is the ideal platform for improving these areas.


    But how much can companies expect to save from their unified communications deployments? A recent study by a leading telephony software vendor suggested that organizations with UC can save an average of $920,000 annually by leveraging the technology. A business with 100 employees can save 191 hours of lost productivity per day.



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