Unified communications increases need for QoS in business

    While neither unified communications nor QoS are new terms in business, the importance of integrating the two is a concept just beginning to grow. According to No Jitter, audio and video services require much more reliable network performance than email and data-related traffic. As such, it is important that networks operating UC solutions have far less latency and packet loss than those that do not.

    Previously, most companies that operated data, voice and other streams kept them separate. However, according to the news source, QoS improvements allow these services to be combined, lowering budgets and improving overall service. As such, QoS is not an integral part of any VoIP PBX implementation plan. If there is any loss of service due to congestion, productivity and employee efficiency go down, resulting in loss of profit.

    Cloud VoIP systems are one way to ensure QoS for businesses looking to implement communications solutions. The cloud offers reliability and support without increasing costs, as the responsibilities lie with the provider rather than onsite IT professionals. By choosing a robust hosted PBX solution, a business can ensure getting the most out of its cloud communications investment.

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