Today is a significant day in the life of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center.

We now support virtualization of the ECC server with VMWare! It is a monumental step forward for the product and sets us apart from virtually (pardon the pun) all of our competitors in the market.  

Using the latest build of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center v7, customers can now virtualize every aspect of the ECC server solution. Even if you have a large opportunity with where Distributed IVRs are required, those servers can be virtualized.

You can also have the ShoreTel HQ server image and the ShoreTel ECC server image in the same physical hardware – saving significant capital investment in servers.

It is key to understand that we are not just saying that we are virtualization ready with ECC. VMWare is saying it as well. We sent ECC through a rigorous process with VMWare to assure that our solution was not only stable and performed as expected but also to make sure we could take advantage of the key features of virtualization such as high availability and real-time backups.

Our level of virtualization sets us apart from the competition. Cisco and Avaya can only partially virtualize their solutions while Interactive Intelligence does not support VMWare but Microsoft's HyperV technology. In the case of Cisco and Avaya, the larger the opportunity the less they can virtualize or it required pieces of the product to run on their own server - even if they are virtualized!

In addition to supporting virtualization, we have significantly improved our support for Distributed IVRs. Previously, if you had a Distributed IVR, we routed a significant amount of traffic across the WAN. This included things like Music On Hold. For domestic deployments this was somewhat acceptable but as ShoreTel has expanded into EMEA and APAC with multi-national customers, piping music across a WAN link over a large body of water gets expensive. Fast.

Now all of that traffic stays local to the Distributed IVR server. With distributed IVR, a contact center server can be placed at each site where inbound contact center calls arrive. They are still processed by the contact center logic but when they go into queue, they are held at the IVR server next to the trunk. The IVR treatment is still the same. And still configured the same. It’s just now distributed to all the IVR servers at each location to eliminate the extra WAN utilization.

“Virtualization gives IT departments the ability to increase their visibility and control of their resources, all while driving a richer and expanded role for automation and management. Empowering customers to minimize their IT operational expenses by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime is a vision we are proud to share with ShoreTel.”
- Parag Patel, vice president, alliances, VMware

Digital transformation has become a top initiative for business and IT leaders. In today’s business world, sustainable market leadership is no longer based solely on which company has the best products or even the best people. Instead, organizations that are agile and can quickly adapt to rapidly evolving market trends will become market leaders.

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