Unified communications more than integration of tools

    According to Channelnomics, many businesses adopt unified communications solutions only as an improved email, voice over IP and instant messaging service. However, UC provides much more that this, improving collaboration and organization for employees and increasing productivity beyond giving faster access to communication tools.

    The average professional receives 100 to 125 emails a day, according to the news source. Add phone calls, text messages, tweets and more, and this is large amount of correspondence in one day, and it is only multiplied by the files shared during conferencing or communication with teleworking coworkers.


    Unified communications solutions help employees manage this large amount of information and stay organized from day to day. Deploying cloud-based services can increase these advantages as well. Rather than relying on work networks and databases, a professional can store files and data for remote access anywhere, giving him or her more flexibility in the workplace, as well as the option to access files from home if he or she needs to.


    The news source recommends that businesses stop thinking of UC as a product and more as the integration of business operations. This will not only assist in deployment, but also in speeding up employees' adoption of services, and how quickly they understand how the systems work.