Unified communications offers more flexibility

    Unified communications (UC) has become a common solution for organizations to connect employees, consumers and vendors. A UC system can improve business productivity and provide a better experience, according to reports.

    Gartner's recent 2012 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications report shows that UC vendors notice progress in mobility, video and hybrid options when leveraging unified communications. This improvement paves the way for employees to conduct business from anywhere.

    One major advantage to UC is its ability to keep employees in contact, either through instant messaging or shared online documents, which allows for collaborative projects, wrote industry expert Kathleen Hall for the Financial Times. As UC becomes possible through phones, laptops and tablets, employees can also stay in contact through conference calls and communication applications. According to the report, small and mid-sized companies have made UC a requirement when considering communications investments.

    In a recent webinar by OpenSpan, professionals discussed how mobility offers companies the flexibility to communicate through multiple methods on one device. UC can also increase a company's return on investment, reported UC's Strategies' Art Rosenberg.

    Despite the possibilities of a UC integrated system, companies need to keep their network connections updated and train staff on the proper ways to utilize mobile technologies to maximize its benefits.

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