Unified communications provides for productivity even on vacation

    While many professionals take time off in the summer, for some, the season remains busy. However, cloud-based unified communications solutions can allow these workers to enjoy some time away from the office without missing important deadlines.

    For those who need to remain productive even when on vacation, UC components like cloud VoIP and video conferencing can allow them to check email and remain in contact with coworkers through real time communication tools. UC also provides improved mobile support that legacy systems often do not, allowing professionals to get away from their desktop or laptop computer and check messages from a smartphone or tablet, from anywhere they get a 3G or 4G signal, not just a Wi-Fi connection.


    Working while traveling can be difficult or even impossible for some, but with improved access to work networks and data, a business can keep this option as widely available as possible, allowing even the busiest professionals to take a well-earned vacation.



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