Unified communications provides scalability for business growth

    As a business grows, one of the first things it needs to upgrade is its communications network. According to Telecom Reseller, however, many companies frequently run into complications in this area, deploying inadequate solutions for their needs.

    A recent survey by Focus Research found that 73 percent of businesses had unexpected costs arise after deploying an enterprise phone system due to equipment or service costs related to expansion. In order to overcome these challenges, a business needs to find the most reliable and scalable solution possible, and for many, the answer lies in the cloud.


    According to the news source, cloud VoIP or unified communications solutions can provide the flexibility a growing business needs to avoid surprise telecom infrastructure costs. Additionally, cloud-based solutions provide other benefits, such as improved employee productivity through collaboration, support of advanced trends like mobility and additional savings due to the removal of equipment maintenance and upgrade costs.


    As more businesses recognize and adopt cloud-based systems, these advantages become more apparent, and using the best possible technology is important for any expanding company to stay ahead of the competition.