Unified communications redefining modern contact center

    Industry experts have encouraged organizations looking to improve their collaboration capabilities to adopt unified communications. UC also has other benefits, including helping businesses upgrade their contact centers. CallCentreHelper.com recently polled its panel regarding the use of technology and its impact on the modern contact center.

    "With UC, any employee with a query can quickly and easily find the right person, no matter where they are in the organisation, to resolve the situation through skills-based presence," CallCentreHelper explained. "As a result, call handlers can avoid transferring or putting customers on hold and fix the issue immediately by connecting them with colleagues who have the right skill set. This in turn helps drive customer satisfaction and retention."


    The publication's Chris King noted that unified communications allows more than one worker to participate in a call, rather than outsourcing the call to other experts. This is beneficial for companies because they can identify their resolution success themselves instead of third-party data.


    CallCentreHelper's Ken Reid added that unified communications software can be integrated with current platforms. The expert noted that UC helps organizations monitor staff efficiency and success, especially regarding remote employees.


    Unified communications is also useful for improving overall audio quality, according to the publication's Andrew Doyle.


    "Traditional methods can result in the need for repetition on a call, stifling rapport between agent and customer, which could ultimately result in lost business," Doyle explained. "Our research also showed that improving the sound quality in a call center can also have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and propensity to purchase."


    Unified communications still maturing


    While the benefits of unified communications are clear, the technology is still considered relatively young. Forbes contributor Ray Dolan recently indicated that solutions, such as cloud computing, video conferencing, text messaging and mobile phones, are all having a profound impact on UC as more organizations look to improve their collaboration capabilities.


    The writer noted that these technologies have caused unified communications to become fragmented, but there are options to address such issues. Integrating cloud VoIP, along with UC and associated applications, is one solution.


    Dolan concluded that businesses leveraging cloud computing are able to utilize a number of collaboration technologies simultaneously, helping these companies gain a competitive advantage over rival firms.



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