Unified communications set to become more popular in the contact center

    In 2011, more call center representatives were given access to unified communications tools that allow workers to gain access to more robust services. That trend is expected to continue into 2012, as the technology gains even more leverage in the contact center, industry expert Samantha Kane recently told UC Strategies.

    Kane told the news source that unified communications is providing for advances in administrative portals for almost every call center operation. The technology will also improve reporting and transparency.

    The diverse capabilities of UC systems will also make it easier for contact center workers to handle a diverse range of media types, Kane told UC Strategies.

    "UC is driving the inclusion of multimedia interaction routing engines: voice, email, fax, SMS, web chat, and providing awareness between all the media handling, ad-hoc recording initiated by agents and supervisors," Kane told the news source.

    Call centers are not alone when it comes to unified communications maturation. A recent Channel Insider report explained that UC technology itself is evolving as more organizations are turning to its advanced capabilities, such as videoconferencing, instead of only deploying its basic functions.

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