Unified Communications Strategies | ShoreTel’s Key Metric: NPS

    ShoreTel was one of the few UC firms to grow market share in 2012. How they did it is no doubt a long, complex discussion. However, one of its key tools, Net Promoter Score (NPS), deserves some recognition. ShoreTel recently announced an NPS of 63, up from 50 in 2012. NPS scores above 50 are indicative of “World Class companies.” NPS as a tool is embraced across a wide variety of firms, though not all publish their results.

    It isn’t just classic ShoreTel, either. M5, now known as ShoreTel Sky, also adopted NPS as a customer loyalty measure back in 2008. It was cited as one of the characteristics that led to ShoreTel acquiring M5 in 2012. ShoreTel Sky has extremely low customer churn and higher average revenue per user - at least compared against other public measures. ShoreTel Sky has its own NPS value of 49. The score is third party validated, and publicly displayed on its website.

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