Unified Communications Strengthen Customer Service and Support

    Companies that have deployed an advanced unified communications (UC) solution were able to significantly reduce the cost of service and support operations, while improving workers’ effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Plus, the volume of transactions handled can be increased without increasing staff.

    Grow Without Increasing Staff

    Organizations that have employed UC solutions have been able to increase profitability by making workers more efficient and grow their business without increasing staff. For example, imagine an organization with 20 percent of its workers in some type of service/support role. The company will experience 20 percent growth over the next five years based on the efficiencies provided by UC. Based on this increased efficiency and productivity, this company can avoid a 4 percent overall increase in staff. Assuming that staff is typically 40 percent of revenue, this results in an overall cost reduction of 1.6 percent. And if the company’s net profit was 15 percent, this is an 11 percent increase in profitability.

    Shrink Staffing Costs

    Another way companies have quantifiably benefited from UC is by enabling staff to work remotely, which reduces facility costs and enables workers to serve more customers in less time. Using the example above, reducing the facilities required for 20 percent of the service and support staff can lead to a 4 percent reduction in overall facilities costs (assuming that facility costs are 5 percent of overall employee costs), resulting in a .2 percent reduction in overall employee costs.

    Bring It In House

    Ensuring that customers can always access service staff when needed can be costly and complex. Providing workers with mobile UC or collaboration tools allows them to be reached directly by customers and colleagues when they’re needed or on call, rather than having to use an answering service to contact them. Similarly, using UC’s conferencing tools to collaborate with customers and colleagues eliminates the need for expensive third‐party conferencing services.

    Read Real-Life Examples of UC in Action

    To see how UC has helped other companies with customer service and support, download this white paper.

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