Unified Communications, Telepresence Solutions Market Booming

    Given today’s frigid economic state, some markets have unfortunately been scraping the bottom of the barrel to generate revenue and stay competitive. It says a lot, then, that the unified communications (UC) and telepresence solutions spaces are poised for exponential growth, evidenced by record-breaking market revenue, among many other things.

    In fact, top market research firm Research and Markets projects the global unified communications as a service (UCaaS) market to expand at a continued annual growth rate of 25.46 percent between 2012 and 2016. With an insatiable need for centralized management and consolidated resources, it’s no wonder businesses are increasingly turning to UC and telepresence solutions to get the job done efficiently.

    In particular, video conferencing has been enjoying notable growth in the enterprise sector. Research shows that PBX-based video conferencing and telepresence systems are soaring, experiencing a global revenue boost of 10 percent in Q4 2012 (translating to $822 million) while dedicated video systems struggle to stay afloat after being hit with a 26 percent drop in revenue.

    What’s another reason the space has been so hot lately? A plethora of acquisitions and strategic industry partnerships that are either fully realized or on the brink of fulfillment. In fact, continuing with this momentum, Mitel recently partnered with top video conferencing solutions provider Vidyo to distribute the company’s HD video and telepresence solutions. Touted as “redefining the video conferencing industry,” Vidyo has been delivering record-setting growth year-over-year, and as a leading provider of UC and IP-based solutions, we here at Mitel are thrilled to be a part of this advancement.

    Our very own Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances Alan Zurakowski recently spoke on the partnership, saying, “We think, frankly, from a partnership perspective, it’s a match made in heaven.” We couldn’t have said it any better.

    It seems more than clear that growth in these industries will remain strong and abundant. A projected annual growth rate of 25 percent leading up to 2016 coupled with strong, industry-defining partnerships like that of Mitel and Vidyo spell out only one thing for these domains: success.


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