Unified Communications Will Punctuate Contact Center Trends For 2014


    According to No Jitter contributor Neal Shact, there is little control that the contact center has over communications developments.

    "One of the challenges [in the contact center] is the unpredictable nature of communications," he said. "Your customers decide if, when, and how they are going to communicate with you. Your challenge is how to appropriately respond in the communications mode your customers choose, and to do so as quickly as possible."

    It is the streamlined nature of unified communications that will afford businesses that kind of agility. The name of the game in the contact center is adaption, and representatives need to not only be reachable by any means that are popular among clientele, but they need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently.

    2014 is going to bring about a number of trends for the contact center, and many of them will only be achievable through a proper unified communications deployment. Businesses will want to stay up to date on these developments and figure out ways to implement them effectively.

    Improving Customer Service Will Be Crucial

    With so many tools at the disposal of organizations, there will have to be serious conversations among management regarding the best way to use them in their specific call center operation. According to Smart Customer Service contributor Donna Fluss, an improvement in the number of inquiry resolutions that occur within initial contact will be a special focus for businesses. She refers to notes that contact centers starting to utilize information in such a way that they can anticipate further problems that might occur for the customer.

    In order to take advantage of this kind of potential, the proper data integration tools and software will need to be implemented. By making sure that representatives are able to have what they need when they need it, call quality can be adjusted in real time, allowing for more instances of "one and done" customer service. Fluss said that in an age where a company's entire reputation can be tarnished with one post to social media, it is more crucial than ever to make sure assistance efforts can be up to snuff.

    Cutting Costs Will Remain Essential

    If there is one goal that is universal of all businesses, it is most likely the lowering of expenses. Unified communications are not just beneficial to service, but they also mitigate operation costs in the contact center significantly. Due to the simple and scalable nature of adding or subtracting extensions on a cloud phone system, organizations will only have to pay for what they need.