A Unique Approach to Account Management

    Our mission is to make phone systems and applications with an experience that our customers love.  Technology is an important component of that,of course, but just as important is the service experience that starts from the first time our clients interact with us and continues through every call to our support team.  We have developed a unique approach to delivering outstanding service that is personal and tailored to the needs of each customer.  We'd like to tell you a little bit about our methods and why we think it is the best way to turn each ShoreTel Sky phone system user into a raving fan and advocate.

    Our Approach to Servicing Accounts

    We have organized our customer service professionals into six teams.  Each team has between 15 and 20 people and includes everyone necessary to service the customer from a brand new system installation through to direct end user day-to-day support.  Accounts are assigned to a team based on the number of employees they have.  That way each account team develops a certain level of expertise in dealing with the issues that are most common to a particular size of organization. Each group has an Account Manager who serves as the quarterback and assures that all of the other team members are working together.  The Account Manager has ultimate responsibility for the account and can step in when necessary to resolve issues or provide a consultation.

    The Installation Team Gets the Job Done Right

    Customers require the most intensive care during the installation phase.  That's why each team has Project Managers who coordinate all of the resources and orchestrate the timing of the installation. Install teams also include voice, data and carrier provisioning professionals to handle the technical details of bringing a client on-board.  Additionally, training experts help ensure that each user understands how to use their phone either through onsite or online learning.  Inventory Specialists make sure that equipment gets to where it needs to be on time.

    The Ongoing Support Team is There For You

    Once our clients are up and running on their phone system, they continue to receive personalized care.  Network Operations specialists proactively monitor our network and our client's connections to respond to any issues that might arise.  Subject Mater Experts (SMEs called "smees") are the team's go-to resource for questions requiring in-depth knowledge of particular products or services.  Each account team includes specific Support Representatives and an Account Advocate who can step-in to help with complicated questions or issues needing escalation.

    Why We Do It - Better Service is a Killer App

    There are several advantages for our customers by following this support approach.  First, it ensures coordination between the various functional areas that are needed to create a terrific customer experience.  It allows us to tailor the service to the specific needs of each customer.  It creates a natural career path within our team allowing us to retain employees (and their knowledge) longer.  Our customers can expect a smooth transition between the installation phase and receiving ongoing support.  Because the team that works with each client is well defined, our staff has the opportunity to develop a personal knowledge of our client's system setup, business and people.  They have fast access to specialists and there is a very clear accountability and escalation chain.

    "The best part about our account team is the communication. Clearly, ShoreTel is a communications company, but the fact that the team actually gives us a heads up on connectivity, configurations, follow up, etc. is a step above the rest! We thrive on information in today's society; and when we do not get that information, it is frustrating. It is not a hassle to email our account team -- they get back to us quickly. And by quickly, I mean less than 24 hours! This is what we expect from a leader in the industry, and also what we have received. From the very beginning, when Phelim White helped us start this journey (1 year ago), we have received the communication we require and deserve. So, thank you Account Team!" - Darcy Johnson, Holland Beauty Family of Companies

    As you might guess, this structure is not the least expensive way to service customers, but we believe our clients have selected ShoreTel Sky because they want to be out of the business of running a phone system and want the piece of mind to know that a team of experts is dedicated to their success. As more and more services move to the cloud (SaaS, UCaaS, etc...), customers need to remember that they are not paying for a product, but a service. To fulfill our promise and value to customers, we must provide superior service.

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